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From the aesthetics to the sound, Giancarlo Massironi absolutely loved the Digital Vanguard Integrated Amplifier especially the Digital connectivity and performance. The digital section of the Digital Vanguard Integrated Amplifier is the same as the newly introduced Vanguard Universal DAC and Vanguard Digital Preamplifier.


Here are a few excerpts:

“I love the look of the new design of the Krell Vanguard and the way the front is machined out of solid Aluminum with the Krell logo embossed on the front so it stands out nicely and gives off a cool blue glow when turned on.” 

“This time round Krell have thought about the heat dissipation that really made the older KAV-400Xi like a radiator and put in two small fans at the rear of the unit to suck out the heat. They are very quiet when in operation and you cannot hear them when on, and it keeps the amp a lot cooler than the older 400Xi, which is a good thing.”

“The Krell storms through this one and takes hold of the speakers with an iron fist, the bass is so fast and dynamic, energizing the room with some serious SPL that it does not seem to even feel that it is breaking a sweat, it just gets louder and louder with the room and your ears giving out rather than the amplifier or speakers, just an incredible experience.”


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At the International CES Expo in Las Vegas, NV, Krell introduced the most revolutionary design change in its 33-year history: iBias(tm), a patent-pending new technology that uses the Class A circuitry preferred by audiophiles yet consumes far less energy than a traditional Class A amplifier does.
Because iBias technology eliminates crossover distortion, it allows the low-level details, subtleties and spatiality of music to come through exactly as they do in a traditional Class A amplifier. Yet iBias also allows these new amplifiers to produce the nearly limitless dynamics that is the hallmark of Krell’s sound.
“Class A amplifiers have always been the preferred choice of audiophiles, and they’ve been a hallmark of Krell engineering for decades,” Bill McKiegan, president of Krell Industries, said. “But concerns about energy consumption have reduced some of the enthusiasm for Class A. We are now building in our Connecticut factory a new type of amplifier with musicality that surpasses that of Class A and the energy-efficiency of newer Class G and H designs. Our iBias designs deliver all of this in a surprisingly compact package — and it also incorporates Internet-based technology that will amaze both audiophiles and systems integrators.”
The new line includes seven models, each one built into a 3U-high (5.25 in/134mm) chassis with removable rack-mount ears. The model numbers of the amplifiers indicate their power in watts RMS per channel into an 8-ohm load. The line includes two monoblocks, the Solo 550 and Solo 375; two stereo amps, the Duo 175 and Duo 275; the three-channel Trio 275; the five-channel Chorus 5 and the seven-channel Chorus 7.


How iBias Works
Class A amplifiers eliminate crossover distortion (the distortion that occurs when the audio signal shifts from positive to negative polarity) by operating the output transistors at full power all the time so they never shut off. Any energy not required to drive the speaker is dissipated through the amplifier’s heat sinks.
In an iBias amplifier, a circuit continuously measures current flow through the amplifier’s output transistors, and instantly adjusts the power (or bias) going to the transistors to suit the demands. The output transistors never shut off, yet very little power is wasted as heat. Not only does the amplifier consume less power, it runs cooler and can be built into a more compact chassis.
“The iBias amplifier is like a high-efficiency 12-cylinder automotive engine in which some of the cylinders shut down when you don’t need all that power,” McKiegan explained. “Just as that engine can run efficiently yet deliver 600 horsepower in an instant, the iBias amplifier can run efficiently yet in a matter or microseconds gives you hundreds of watts of full Class A bias for musical peaks.”
Installation-Friendly Features
iBias amplifiers also incorporate features that make them much more practical for custom installation than most high-end amplifiers are. As mentioned previously, the amplifiers are built into relatively small, rack-mountable chassis, making them practical for use in places where a traditional Class A amplifier would likely be too large. Proper cooling is assured through the use of thermostatically controlled fans chosen specifically for their ultra-quiet operation.
In order to assure reliable, consistent operation for years, Krell has added Ethernet capability to all iBias amplifiers. Through the Ethernet connection, each amplifier can be accessed on its own web page through any device that can run a Web browser, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. Using this interface, the dealer or customer can view heat sink temperature, fan speed, and other information, and also receive alerts for such conditions as overheating, fan failure and shorting of the output terminals.
Like the newest Krell products including the Foundation A/V Preamp Processor and the Connect Stream Player, the iBias amplifiers feature stunning industrial design with precision-machined metalwork and distinctive lines. The sleek look is enhanced by the complete absence of visible screws or fasteners on the top, front and sides.
“The iBias amplifiers have the rich, lush, elegant midrange and top end that Class A is known for, with the superb bass and dynamics that has defined the Krell sound,” McKiegan said. “iBias brings audiophile sound to integrators and the custom market, with the convenience features and energy-efficiency they need today. And while audiophiles will find them to be among the most musical amplifiers ever made, they’ll also find that their compact size and cool operation make them much more practical to own than most high-end amplifiers.”


The NEW Krell S-550i Integrated Amp

Here are a few excerpts from a Ken Kessler review which appears in HiFi Review.

“Without hesitation, I nominate the S-55Oi as a perfect choice for those who want unbridled power yet will not or cannot house two components. It is a beast of an amp, such that I think I’ve found something currently available to drive even Scintillas. Yes, that kind of beast.”

“This was a solid-state amplifier free of the brittle, of the glassy, of the jarring.”

“lt was a perfect, seamless, Spectorian wall of sound, stretching from wall to wall, rather than throbbing as a round mass in the centre.”

This is the first published review of  the S-550i  and it received the magazine’s Outstanding Product status.


The Krell Evolution 2250e also received great press. This time from

“Extraordinarily controlled in the bass, dynamic to a fare-thee-well, transparently precise into the very tips of its hair and tonally neutral… these were all impressive hard skills”

“High resolving power, stupendous micro dynamics, background calm and brilliant image focus were clear highlights.”

“When it came time to harness the full potential of my Thiel’s CS3.7 woofers, the German monos by contrast seemed to actually get a bit winded. And the Krell even was superior at fully differentiating this heaving and teeming low-bass dimension. Hat off.”

“The low bass was ideally precise, neutral and haute-cuisine correct. A very good start. Tonal neutrality extended to the midband and highs. Neither romantically flavored, warm or softened nor lean and overtly fresh.”

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The cabinet is finished with exquisite bird’s eye maple real wood veneer, for a distinctive, luxurious finish. This, coupled with the black Maserati leather baffle that covers the front and top of the loudspeaker reflect the sumptuous interior of the brand’s cars.

The stand is an integral part of the 805 Maserati Edition, and is finished in the same veneer. It features a Maserati logo on the base — a subtle nod to the partnership. The loudspeaker and stand come together.

The limited edition Maserati 805 will go on sale in early fall for around $10,000 per pair.

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The compact but powerful S-150m mono amp received an Editors’ Choice award from The Absolute Sound!


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About Paradigm Integration

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