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Wanna check out some very unique and very cool music? Bowers & Wilkins has teamed up with Maserati to contribute the sound system for the new Quattroporte. To celebrate the pairing they have been having a world wide party! The 1st event was held in Dubai last week. Visit to see the car and the film featuring this great music!

The Krell Connect Network Player will begin this week. From

FLAC to WAV, MP3, Apple Lossless, and WMA, the Connect plays back up to 192kHz/24-bit audio plus Internet radio, all to Krell’s standards.

The Wi-Fi-equipped Connect is available in two forms: digital only, or with a built-in Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) module. The DAC-equipped Connect has a 32-bit ESS Sabre chipset with discrete, direct-coupled analog circuitry outputting via RCA or balanced audio outputs. The digital-only version has both coax and Toslink optical outputs.


The Krell Connect Streaming Media Player!

Extensive audio libraries are easy to navigate via the Connect’s built-in 3.5-inch QVGA LCD screen using the optional remote control. Alternately, a full-featured iOS app will be available free of charge on the Apple Store when shipping begins.

In addition to playback of FLAC and WAV files up to 192kHz/24-bit, the Connect also streams Apple Lossless, MP4a, Ogg, WMA, and MP3. Unlike some music streamers, gapless playback is possible, allowing for no breaks between album tracks. Live concert albums, for example, can be played as a seamless, uninterrupted experience.

Internet radio gets the same conversion as the high-resolution files (on DAC-equipped models), providing the best possible sound quality from online streaming content.

The digital only Connect ($2,500) is available now and the Connect w/ Internal DAC ($3,500) will be available in late May. An optional Aluminum remote control ($250) will also be available this week.

The 2013 Stereophile Recommended Components List features TWO Krell units this year!

The Cipher….

Fred Kaplan says ” excelled at revealing the finest subtleties of a musical passage, untangling the knottiest complexities, and showering light on the tonal colors of a voice, an instrument, or an ensemble.”

The Krell Cipher SACD/CD player.

Click STEREOPHILE here to read the full review.


Next the Evolution 707 is sighted.

Kal Rubinson calls the 707  “as great-sounding a digital processor as it is an analog preamp.”

krell-evolution 707-front-web

The Krell 707. Now available in 3D!


Click STEREOPHILE here to read the full review.


Krell and the 2014 Acura RLX!

Car and Driver has weighed in on this extraordinary system.




The speaker….

Here’s what Car and Driver said about our audio systems in the new Acura RLX:

“Add the 14-speaker Krell audio package for another $2500, and you get a system that spent four years in development. You can hear it in its absolute fidelity at high volume, and its level of sonic detail; you notice things in old songs you’ve never heard before.”

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of CI 800 Series from B&W. The flagship custom installation series that sets a new standard for installation loudspeaker performance. Delivering audiophile quality to people who demand high-resolution audio, but don’t want to see any loudspeakers.

CI 800 is the result of an extensive project by Bowers & Wilkins engineers at the renowned Steyning research facility in West Sussex. Their considerable challenge was to deliver the exemplary quality levels associated with the reference quality 800 Series Diamond — the speaker of choice of major recording facilities such as London’s Abbey Road Studios — in loudspeakers designed to fit into walls and ceilings.
The CI 800 range comprises three speakers, with one in-ceiling and two in-wall models. All speakers in the range feature core Bowers & Wilkins technologies, many of which appear in an installation loudspeaker for the first time.

b&w-CWM8-5-in-wall-speaker-rear view

The NEW CI-800 Series if packed with exclusive B&W technology!

Foremost among these technologies is the introduction of the Bowers & Wilkins Carbon Braced Tweeter. Previously only found on the high-performance PM1 loudspeaker, the Carbon Braced Tweeter takes the already high performance of Bowers & Wilkins aluminium domes to a whole new level. It uses a ring of ultra-thin wound carbon fibre to brace the tweeter dome, and as a result raise the break up of the aluminium dome to around 40KHz, which has a dramatic effect on the audible frequencies below 20kHz.
We are confident it’s the sweetest sounding tweeter yet heard in any custom installation loudspeaker.

In addition, the tweeters in all CI 800 models are Nautilus(tm) Tube Loaded designs, and are fully de-coupled from the rest of the speaker assembly, as in the 800 Series Diamond. This ensures that any vibrations from the LF units do not create unwanted colouration to the tweeter performance. Again, this adds to the audiophile performance of this remarkable custom installation range.

The midrange drivers are made from Kevlar®, dyed a discreet blue rather than Bowers & Wilkins traditional yellow, and use the Anti-Resonance Plug from PM1. The result is pristine midrange performance, with natural sound reproduction, just the way the artist intended you to hear it.The dedicated midrange drivers also feature Bowers & Wilkins FST(tm) technology, which maximises the effects of Kevlar®, further enhancing midrange performance.

The dedicated bass units use carbon-reinforced Rohacell® cones, as found on the 800 Series Diamond, while Bowers & Wilkins Flowport(tm) technology dramatically reduces unwanted ‘chuffing’ effects at the low end.
The crossovers used in all CI 800 models are also of audiophile quality. They are as close to first order as possible, and share components with the 800 Series Diamond for high-performance sound every time.
Finally, one of the biggest challenges facing Bowers & Wilkins engineers in translating the high-performance of the 800 Series Diamond to the CI 800 range was ensuring a consistency of acoustic volume. In the case of in-wall models, this has to fit into relatively thin wall construction, in order not to eat up valuable cavity space. So a great deal of time has been spent optimizing materials to get the stiffest possible structure, and listening to the results. The back boxes are also fully Matrix(tm) braced, for extra rigidity and improved performance.
The CWM8.3 is a three-way, in-wall loudspeaker, conceived to offer the highest possible performance for a customer requiring great sound, without seeing the source. It features a Carbon Braced Tweeter, a 5in Kevlar® FST(tm) drive unit and two 7in carbon fibre reinforced Rohacell® low frequency drivers. The central baffle is rotatable, so the CWM8.3 can be used in either vertical or horizontal alignment.


The CWM.3 In Wall Speaker

The second in-wall model in the new CI 800 range is the CWM8.5. This two-way loudspeaker features a Carbon Braced Tweeter and a single 7inch bass/mid Kevlar® driver, with anti-resonance plug. It also features a single Flowport(tm).

The CI 800 Series features a single in-celling model, the CCM8.5. This two-way model features a 7in bass/mid driver, again in blue Kevlar®. The 1in Carbon Braced Tweeter features an innovative ‘wing’ design which allows for the time alignment required to produce the best possible performance from an in-ceiling speaker. All the drive units are located in a continuously rotatable mini baffle, which allows for the custom installation version of ‘toeing in’ the loudspeaker. Again, this helps the audiophile-level performance of the loudspeaker.



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About Paradigm Integration

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