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This flag ship pre amp / processor looks as good as it sounds!  The audiophile and videophile press agrees.


Read this great review from TechnoFile.

Introducing Mantel Mount!

Check this out ! We can think of lots of installation where this would have been perfect. Now we have it




Click to view a new idea in flat panel mounting !

This is a problem we hear all the time.  To follow is a very nice solution that one of our Lead Tech’s , Andrey Pereverzev came up with.

This is a system we installed a few years ago. Recently our client came to us looking for a couple of upgrades.  New TV and better processor.  The cabinet was staying though and so we had to get creative.


First we removed the old Loewe TV.


Then we began framing a new support structure.


Then some plywood for rigidity and to block light bleed from the rear.


Now we add the Articulating Mount wall panel.


We now mount the NEW Elite 60 inch flat panel to the Articulating arm and pull it forward to meet the front edge of the custom cabinet.


Now for the electronics. Add new Krell Foundation pre/processor and a Marantz Blu Ray to the existing Rotel amp and B&W 805’s and HTM Center Channel speaker. We also replaced the Sub Woofer with a Bowers & Wilkins unit!


We made a trim piece to fill the gap at the bottom of the TV opening and here is our finished project! Looks great off and even better on! The Krell Foundation and the new Bowers & Wilkins Sub really take this system to a new and much higher level! In short…IT ROCKS!!!


The good people at Sound & Vision magazin have awarded the Krell Chorus 7200, 7 channel power amp a TOP PICK AWARD!!


David Vaughn loved the sound and the magazine awarded the Chorus 7200 one of their coveted Top Picks honor. David also used the Foundation Processor as part of the review and lamented, “…when I put my Marantz back in my rack, I felt like I needed a prescription for Prozac to fight the depression I was facing.”

Here are a few more quotes from the review:

“The hardest part of reviewing audio equipment is putting what you hear into words that can impart upon the reader just how impressive (or uninspired) a particular piece of equipment was to your ears. In the case of the Chorus 7200-and Foundation-it was six weeks of audio bliss for me and my family.”

“…dynamic performance was readily apparent with every Blu-ray I threw at the Krell. The beach landing in Saving Private Ryan exploded into my room, with each discrete effect placed precisely in the soundstage. And the 7200 brought an uncanny immediacy to softer passages, such as the opening monologue recited by Morgan Freeman… where it truly sounded as if Freeman was sitting in the room with me … Impressive is an understatement.”

“Class A amp makers tout their product’s ability to re-create voice, and here the Krell truly shined. Take the opening of fun’s “Some Nights,”… With this amp in the chain, Ruess’ melody came alive with seemingly limitless dynamics, 3D-like soundstage, and amazing detail.”


The Krell Foundation 4k Pre / processor. $7,500.00

And a nice bonus on the sound of the Foundation – “The Foundation…it’s by far the best sounding. The soundstage is so convincing, you can’t really tell where the speakers are in the room, and the subwoofer integration is by far the best I’ve ever experienced.”

To audition Krell, just give us a call!!


On the newsstands now is the February/March, 2015 issue of Sound &Vision magazine in which they award their Top Picks of the Year. We are proud to announce that the Foundation processor has received this outstanding award.


The Krell Foundation 4k Pre / processor. 

A few excerpts:

“Hard to believe this pre/pro actually broke new ground for affordability among Krell’s offerings, but its superb sound quality really does put it in its own class.”

“Switching to the Foundation from my moderately priced but sonically  accomplished Marantz AV7005 and especially from the previously reviewed Integra DHC-60.5…was informational. It was as if the entire system had been changed”

” When watching the local news becomes enticing because the anchor’s voice sounds so lifelike and transparent, you know something special is happening.”


Congrats to our friends at Krell!!!



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About Paradigm Integration

About Paradigm Integration

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