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Control 4 OS 2.4!!!

Control4 OS 2.4 adds to a growing list of system features designed to enhanced user experience and customer satisfaction.

Here’s some of what’s new:


InTune gives your customers the ability to access and enjoy a collection of global streaming radio stations, podcasts, music, sports and news through their Control4 systems with TuneIn.

Global access to 70,000 radio stations, and millions of podcasts and audiobooks in over 100 languages from over 230 countries and territories

Enjoy your favorite artist, song or radio personality from a local station or from around the globe

No need to set up or maintain a list of static radio station URLs – instead, browse or search for content and save it to your             favorites.

All delivered via the elegant Control4 UI on touch screens, on-screen displays, iPhones, iPads and Android devices
works with each Control4 audio zone within the home so every family member can enjoy their own personalized favorites

TuneIn also works on legacy systems with an HC-250, HC-800 or HC-1000 master controller when updated to OS 2.4.

New! Enhanced 4Sight Service with Anywhere Access: Mobile

In addition to web browser access, the new and improved 4Sight service now delivers Anywhere Access to a Control4 system from a smart phone or tablet over a 3G/4G or remote WiFi connection. All the network handling is automatic and built in to the 4Sight infrastructure and new MyHome apps. No more complicated network settings, special equipment, Dynamic DNS subscriptions or hard-for-customers-to-enable VPN connections required.

To enable this new functionality, add a 4Sight subscription1 and launch the Control4 MyHome app on a smart phone or tablet on a 3G/4G or a remote WiFi network. The app will automatically connect to the Control4 system and let customers access and control their home or business from virtually anywhere.

4Sight also provides alerts on the go and security features designed to keep Control4 customers safely in contact and in control any time, anywhere.

Anywhere Access: Mobile
With the MyHome app, your customers can access and monitor and control their home or business from virtually anywhere using a smart phone or tablet.

Anywhere Access: Web
From a web browser, customers can easily access, monitor and control their home or business around the world, wherever they can get internet access.

Alerts On the Go
Your customers stay connected to their smart home or business through text or email updates and get notified when there’s a problem, so they are always in the know.

End-to-End Security
All communication between the mobile device to the Control4 system is secured and encrypted (SSL/TLS and AES256-bit) and managed entirely by Control4, preventing networking holes or potentially unauthorized access.

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Need to Knows

Paradigm Integration is a privately held corporation established in 1990.

We are a California state licensed Contractor carrying a C-7, C-10 and a Do4 license. We also carry an ACO license. For your protection We maintain a 5 million dollar Liability policy.

Ca state contractor's license # 636358
Alarm company operator license # 3586

Documentation available upon request.

About Paradigm Integration

About Paradigm Integration

Paradigm is a true full service Home Electronics Integrator.

We are a licensed and bonded California Contractor putting a strong emphasis on client service.

Our long list of services and vast experience teamed with a dedication to strong personal service makes us a GREAT one-stop-shop for your home electronic needs.

From your Central Vacuum system to your High End Distributed Audio we are your experts!

We offer our services to both residential and commercial clients.

So next time you need Security / Surveillance / Monitoring, Home Theater, Distributed Audio / Video, Lighting Control, Complete Home Automation, Central Vacuum or Wiring Infrastructure think Paradigm. Evolving your Electronic Environment.