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What is the 2G sunset announced by AT&T?

AT&T is shutting down the older 2G network, because it doesn’t support high data speeds. City by city, the process called 2G harvesting. This harvesting process begins to take 2G frequencies and convert them to 3G frequencies over time, eventually shutting down the 2G network once all frequencies are harvested out. Their goal is to get 2G subscribers to move to newer 3G networks. By shutting down the 2G network and using the same space on the airwaves for 3G, AT&T will increase data capacity by more than a hundred-fold.

What is Paradigm Integration doing to mitigate the risk to my home or business during this harvesting period?
Paradigm Integration has identified all current customers using cellular communication devices across our entire footprint who could be impacted by the AT&T harvesting of 2G networks. The decision, targeted geography, timing and pace at which the 2G networks are harvested and shutdown is at the sole discretion of AT&T. We continue to work with our manufacturing partners to minimize any impact to our customers. Based on the current information from AT&T, it appears that our area will be completely harvested by October 1, 2014. We have reached out to each of the affected clients and are reviewing the options available.


Why is AT&T moving from 2G to 3G/4G?

Cellular carriers, like AT&T, deploy their networks in two frequencies: a preferred frequency with deep building penetration (850MHz) and another frequency with shallow building penetration but faster speeds (1900MHz). Prior to 2011, cellular carriers equally spread 2G and 3G and 4G across their networks. As the adoption of 3G and the need for greater bandwidth increases by consumers, the cellular carriers are looking to shut down 2G and spread 3G further across the network.


Will my current security system work in this new environment?

If you are utilizing a cellular radio communication for your security system, was installed with a dual-frequency unit, an 850MHz radio and a 1900MHz radio. Meaning as the 2G harvesting continues, your device should automatically default (or switch) to the preferred, deep building penetration option of 850MHz as it searches for the best reception tower in your area. You should experience no change in communications with our Central Station under this scenario. However, once the 2G network has been shut down, all 2G devices including your control panel radio will no longer work in the 3G/4G network environment. An upgrade to a 3G/4G-compatible communicator will be required.
How can I be assured my system is working properly during the harvesting period?

Paradigm has always recommended frequent testing of the alarm and it’s communication with the Central Station. Instructions for the testing procedure can be found on our website; Paradigm Integration will routinely monitor security systems across affected areas for communication troubles. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure these systems are communicating effectively. However, if your installed system is no longer able to communicate properly due to the 2G sunset, we will contact you to discuss available upgrade options to a 3G/4G device to restore communication with the Central Station. Please call us to discuss available options at any time.


Is this harvesting trend going to continue past this initial phase of 2G sunset?

AT&T has announced that it will completely shut down all of it’s 2G networks by December 31, 2016. This current 2G harvesting continues and other carriers, such as T-Mobile will follow. Cellular carriers, l will continue to manage their core asset which is the cellular spectrum. Consumer demand is the core driver of technology advancements, and cellular carriers will continue to launch new technologies and retire older technologies to better allocate their resources. The end result will be better service and improved communications. Manufacturers, including those that make security equipment like yours, work directly with the cellular carriers to improve products and communication paths and stay ahead, as much as they can, with these changing technologies.

Will I be required to upgrade to a 3G option once the 2G sunset is in place?

Yes. Once AT&T and other carriers shut down their 2G networks, all 2G devices, including your security communication radio, will no longer function. An upgrade to a 3G/4G option will be required to continue to communicate to our Central Station. You can begin discussing options with Paradigm at any time.


You mention AT&T specifically, but are all carriers harvesting 2G networks? Can’t I just change carriers?

Your current security panel communicator is carrier-specific based on proprietary alarm messaging services and available services at the time in your area. It is not possible to switch carriers without an equipment change, and only then if the appropriate alarm messaging service is available in your area.

Paradigm will continue to monitor the transition and when further changes and updates are required due to service limiting action from the carriers, we will be in contact with you to discuss the options. Paradigm has no control of the “harvesting” or decisions of the carriers, but will continue to monitor. We expect that T-Mobile will be announce it’s reduction of the 2G network sometime next year with an expected Sunset date. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding your existing hardware or services.


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