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The new Krell Cipher SACD/CD Player as well as the newest Evolution Multi Channel amps have been well received to say the least!

Krell now offers Evolution Series Multi Channel amps! The 2 channel Evolution 2250 sells for $8,000.00 and the 3 channel 3250 is $10,000.00. These outstanding amps offer 250 watts per channel and the great sound quality we have come to expect from Krell.

The 2 channel Evolution 2250 sells for $8,000.00 and the 3 channel 3250 is $10,000.00. These outstanding amps offer 250 watts per channel and the great sound quality we have come to expect from Krell.

The folks at had great things to say about the newest Krell amps.
The 2250e’s bass is taut with excellent control, extension and detail, not to mention depth while its high frequency performance is smooth and grain free.

The midrange is also smooth, with tremendous dimension and weight giving vocals, especially female vocals such as Sarah McLachlan’s, a palpable presence.

Soundstage-wise the 2250e possesses a vast and open soundstage that it manages to be enveloping whilst still remaining focused.

Dynamics, another Krell staple, are solid with the 2250e and its power seems limitless regardless of how loud you wish to play your favorite music or how inefficient your favorite speakers.

Even at $18,500 the Krell Evolution 402e is still my favorite amplifier; however at less than half the price I find the 2250e to be that much more impressive in terms of overall value.

While designed primarily for two-channel use, the 2250e excels at playing back cinematic content as well, whether that content is the latest Hollywood blockbuster or something more s1/2ued. Pair the 2250e with its three-channel sibling, the 3250e, and you’ve got a home theater marriage made in heaven.

The Krell Cipher SACD/CD player.

Here is what HIFI Choice had to say:

Krell’s new Cipher is an exceptional digital front-end, giving state-of-the-art replay of conventional CD and SACD formats. It’s via SACD that it really shows its mettle, delivering results that combine stunning clarity with amazing dynamics, plus impressive naturalness and refinement.???

We experienced levels of detail and clarity that no CD player could approach. The Cipher’s ability to separate-out individual voices and instruments is almost uncanny??¦Impressive stuff!???

The Cipher images exceptionally well, creating a broad precisely defined soundstage notable for the solidity of individual voices and instruments. On the right SACD, you get a holographic, almost 3D effect, with impressive width and depth.???

The Cipher’s exceptionally lucid presentation is notable for amazing clarity and astonishing fine detail.???

The Cipher certainly delivers the goods and offers results that will be hard to better, regardless of price.


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About Paradigm Integration

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