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Rotel RCD-1570 CD Player in black or silver $999.00


Rotel RC-1570 in black or silver $999.00


Rotel RB-1552 MKII in black or silver $999.00

Rotel’s back-to-our-roots engineering has been getting noticed. The latest review in the April issue of The Absolute Sound has Alan Taffel waxing poetic about the past and posting high praise for the current generation of audio separates, namely RCD-1570, RC-1570 and RB-1552MKII. Here are a few noteworthy quotes from this very thorough and extremely positive review.

The Absolute Sound – April 2014 Issue.
Review by Alan Taffel

“Once upon a time, the audio forces of America, Britain, and Japan combined to create a company called Rotel. And it was good.”

“…this gear certainly promises a return to the Rotel of old. Each component is a mere $999. In today’s audio world, that’s a major bargain…”

“The essential sonic elements I have described are not easy to come by! I regularly hear products – even expensive ones – that fail in one or more of these areas. So finding affordable gear that gets them all right is a find indeed. The new Rotel stack, I am happy to report, gets them all right.”

“If the timbres aren’t spot on, instrumental lines become blurred, and if micro-dynamics aren’t fully captured, the interplay between musicians and the lilt of the music is lost. But through the Rotel stack, all of these elements are fully present. Strings are properly rich, bass is weighty, and the piano possess a lovely round tone. Microdynanmics and tiny tempo variations come through clearly, allowing the listener to hear the give and take among the players.”

“…the Rotels not only get the infectious timing and tonal characteristics of the instruments right, their tinkling top piano notes are also airily unrestrained. Again, this last element is not essential to fully digging the music here, but it goes a long way toward hinting at the ‘real’ quality we high-enders seek.”

“The sound only gets better with high-resolution digital sources. With such material, the RC-1570 exhibits a level of purity that is a skosh higher than it attains when handling the RCD-1570’s analog output. With high-res digital sources, instruments and singers step farther from a quieter background, adding to the drama of the listening experience. Apparently, Rotel has not lost its touch with DACs.”

“Modestly priced audio products may not be able to produce the ‘absolute sound,’ but the best of them can fully deliver the heart of the high end. Rotel’s 1570/1552 stack falls decisively into this category, forming an incredibly affordable, versatile system that conveys all the music you could want – and more – with very few trade-offs. Rotel is back, my friends. And it is good.”







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