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We are beginning a Home Theater / Music System installation for a very special client.  Everyone in the Paradigm family is very excited and pleased to be part of this dream come true!

Our client has been a music lover for many years and has an extensive collection of CD’s , movies and vinyl.  She has waited for just the right time in her life and just the right Integrator to make her listening and viewing dreams come true.

A few CD’s!!!

And some of her vinyl too!!

For us, as well as for her, it’s all about the content and bringing it to life in her home!

We will start by remodeling the entire wall and fireplace area for optimum performance and a great look. Paradigm is working closely on the design and implementation of this portion of the project with one of our recommended General Contractors.  

The B&W center channel will go in-wall above the fireplace and a new flat panel above that.

Because of her love of music and the desire to have it really come to life in the room we are going with a floor-standing Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker pair. They will flank the wall right and left with a sub woofer hidden in the room.

The electronics package will include a VidaBox 4TB music / movie  server to hold and categorizes all that wonderful source material!

A Project turntable will allow for record playback as well as moving her albums into digital files to reside on her Music Server…very cool!

The entire system will be easily controlled by Control 4 using a 7 inch portable touchscreen that will offer her not only 1 button operation of the entire system but also album art and complete META Data on all her stored music.

GREAT sound and fun to operate!!

More photos and comments to follow as this exciting project continues!

Beneath the clean lines and user friendly fascia of the RC-1570 lies highly sophisticated engineering. Both analog and digital sources have been given equal consideration as today’s listener often has several digital sources, but may also enjoy legacy formats like vinyl LPs. A large toroidal transformer and regulated power supply ensures stable current and voltage requirements to all stages under dynamic conditions. Premium circuit components have been selected only after extensive listening evaluations. Careful routing of all low level signals has been practiced to ensure impressive signal to noise levels. The result is effortless musical dynamics, impressive detail and scale.


The RC-1570 stereo preamplifier is also extremely flexible. Four digital inputs (2 co-ax and 2 optical), plus the rear PC-USB handle digital sources up to 24/192 resolution. The 4 inputs are designed for sources such as TV set-top boxes, flat panel TVs or Blu-ray players for stunning playback. The PC-USB input makes use of audio playback software such as iTunes or Windows Media Player to replay music from your computer digital library. A Bluetooth dongle is provided to be used with the front USB input. A premium Wolfson stereo D/A converter handles critical conversion from digital data to analog. Analog inputs include balanced XLR connectors (perfect for connecting the RCD-1570 via its XLR outputs) in addition to four pair of conventional RCA inputs. A moving magnet phono stage rounds out the source capability. XLR and single ended outputs are provided, as are two 12-volt triggers to control on/off operation of an amplifier and/or other components and RS-232 on a standard DB-9 connector. In short, the RC-1570 is a tremendous value and the perfect upgrade for owners of older analog-only preamplifiers.

At its heart, the RDD-1580 makes use of Wolfson’s extraordinary WM8740 stereo digital-to-analogue converter. But where competitive products use only one of these converters to handle two channels, the RDD-1580 uses dual WM8740s in a complementary configuration which reduces noise and distortion well beyond what a single converter can provide.

Another RDD-1580 advantage lies in its input flexibility. A front panel USB input supports Apple iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® as well as streaming via Bluetooth with the included adapter. The rear panel PC-USB input supports files up to 24 bit/192kHz in asynchronous mode. Two sets of rear panel RCA-style coaxial and TOSlink optical digital inputs are optimized for LPCM data streams. This includes CDs 16-bit/44.1 kHz standard to high definition sources with 24-bit/192 kHz audio data.

rotel rdd1580 DAC

A Rotel-designed and manufactured toroidal transformer sits at the foundation of the RDD-1580’s well-regulated power supply in a full size 1U chassis. Advanced custom-designed slit-foil capacitors provide electrical storage capabilities to ensure substantial and stable operating voltages and current to feed the critical circuit stages. The carefully tuned analogue section is another example of Rotel’s award-winning Balanced Design approach where specifications alone do not dictate which electronic parts are selected. Rather, extensive listening tests are carried out under controlled conditions to determine the optimal choices. During this time the entire circuit is carefully tuned to provide musically true signal reproduction.

The RDD-1580 provides both single-ended and balanced outputs with RCA and XLR connectors respectively. Recognizing today’s changing tastes in audio sources, the RDD-1580 even provides high-current charging capability (2.1 amperes) for an iPad® or similar device to reduce clutter and increase needed desk space while expanding your audio source options. Built for stunning sound quality but designed for today’s ever-increasing digital world, the RDD-1580 offers a first rate combination of superior sonics and convenience. RS-232 Rotel serial control is also supported.

In the early days of CD playback, Rotel’s RCD-855 was famously, and justifiably, called “the steal of the century” by Stereophile magazine. For digital playback in the 21st century, I think you can safely say the same thing about the RDD-1580.


2013 CEDIA Best New Product Winner: Wireless Music Bridge

“CEDIA’s Electronic Lifestyles® Awards recognizes the top projects, products, and individuals in the residential electronic systems industry. The competition honors innovation, creativity, and technical skill, and helps illustrate the many ways technology enhances the home.”

2013 CEPro Best Winner: Wireless Lighting

“The sophisticated design appeals to home/business owners as well as architects, interior designers, and lighting designers. Offering unmatched configurability and personalization, Control4 Wireless Lighting delivers multi-color status LEDs and backlit engraved buttons capable of being set to any preferred color as well as changing instantly to indicate the status of the house/building.”

2013 Resi Award Winner: Control4 Wireless Lighting

Control4 has been selected as a winner of the 10th Annual Resi Awards in Residential Systems magazine, which honors the most innovative residential electronics product industrial designs.

2013 Technology Integrator EXC!TE Award Winner: Control4 Wireless Music Bridge

“The new Control4 Wireless Music Bridge enables homeowners, family members and their guests to wirelessly connect to a Control4 system to enjoy all the music stored on or accessed via personal smart phones, tablets and computers. The Wireless Music Bridge also provides a convenient path for Control4 customers to connect to streaming music services such as Pandora or Spotify on their personal smart devices from a Control4 system — all while preserving full phone and smart device browsing and application capability.”


2013 Technology Integrator EXC!TE Award Winner: Control4 Wireless Lighting

“…Control4 Wireless Lighting meets the needs of residential and commercial projects, addressing the evolutionary adoption of LED technologies. Through seamless integration with other home/building systems (security, A/V, climate, shading, etc.) as well as overall scalability, Control4 lighting works in retrofit and new construction projects, providing one of the most flexible, feature-packed solutions on the market.”

2013 Manufacturers’ Excellence Awards Finalist: Best New Products – Wireless Music Bridge & Wireless Lighting Control Family

“The products are judged on the basis of technological innovation and the benefits they offer to the electronic systems integrator and the end user, among other criteria.”


NEW Products from Rotel!

For the MUSIC LOVER in all of us!  A new Stereo Integrated Amp and CD Player !

The ROTEL RA-1570 Integrated Amp


The RA-1570 is available in Black or Silver at $1599.00

The new RA-1570 Integrated Amplifier is both a nod to Rotel’s long heritage of manufacturing great analog stereo components as well as acknowledging that today’s audio systems must also accommodate digital sources to provide the best of both worlds. In that regard, The RA-1570 is perhaps one of the best examples of melding proven analog design with the most musical digital circuits to bring all of your sources to life with surprising, even surpassing, fidelity.

As are many Rotel amplifiers, the RA-1570s circuitry draws on a high capacity power supply based on a Rotel custom designed and factory built oversized toroidal transformer. In addition to providing an abundance of voltage and current for all operating stages, the transformer’s toroidal shape helps prevent stray radiation patterns from corrupting audio signals as they pass through adjacent circuit stages. Subsequent power supply segments built with tight-tolerance parts including T-Network capacitors provide the exact voltage and current requirements to ensure stress-free signal reproduction. The RA-1570’s input section is substantially more flexible than that found in most integrated amplifiers.
In recognition of the growing popularity of digital sources, this amplifier provides a front panel USB input for easy connection of a wide variety of music storage devices including Apple iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Supported formats include MP3, WAV, and WMA files for maximum flexibility. In addition, rear panel USB, coaxial (RCA) and optical (TOSlink) inputs provide easy connections for LPCM music files with up to 24-bit word lengths sampled at 192 kHz. Analog inputs include balanced XLR connectors in addition to conventional RCA jacks.
A Wolfson WM8740 stereo D/A converter handles critical conversion from digital data to continuous analog waveforms. The Class AB output stage uses discrete devices to ensure precise reproduction of all signals regardless of origin with virtually any loudspeaker. The power output, a robust 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms, is substantial as it is a continuous “both channels driven simultaneously” rating fully in keeping with real-world expectations and Rotel’s tradition of providing real-world value. User conveniences include separate pre-out/main-in connectors, a highly visible VFD display, precisely-calibrated electronic volume control, and ROTEL LINK capability for easy system integration.


The ROTEL RCD-1570 CD Player


The Rotel RCD-1570 is available in Black or Silver at $999

Those who haven’t heard Rotel’s RCD-1570 might believe that there’s nothing new in CD players. Those who have heard it tell an entirely different story. Since 1982, when the CD was introduced, Rotel has been refining technology and evolving circuitry to bring you extraordinary sound. The RCD-1570, the outstanding CD player in Rotel’s 15 series, focuses careful refinements to reveal even the most subtle nuances buried in a CD’s pit spiral. One of the RCD-1570’s most important features is the Wolfson WM8740 digital filter/stereo digital-to analog converter. Originally developed for high resolution sources, it is the product of extensive research and real world testing and processes digital signals up to 24-bits in length at sampling rates from 8 kHz to 192 kHz. While word lengths and sampling speed may seem excessive for CDs delivering data at far lower rates, this high speed facility adds reserve capability to ensure proper reproduction under all circumstances. As the most crucial link between a CD’s digital data and the analog world in which we listen, this converter boasts significant attributes in addition to its superb high resolution capabilities.

Another advance is the RCD-1570’s slot-loading disc transport. In addition to mechanical simplicity and improved reliability, this design isolates the CD itself from potentially destructive vibration modes that may affect musical definition. And from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, it adds elegance by simplifying the front panel’s appearance.The post-converter analog circuitry benefits from Rotel’s decades-long experiences in crafting the finest sounding pathway from the D/A’s internal output to single and balanced rear panel connectors that bridge the gap between the RCD-1570 and down-stream components. All circuit components — resistors, capacitors, inductors — are chosen only after their positive contribution to sound quality were quantified and verified qualitatively by extensive listening sessions. All of these circuits draw on a power supply based on an oversized custom Rotel-designed and precision-manufactured toroidal power transformer that, in turn, feeds precise rectifiers, tight-tolerance voltage regulators, and advanced Slit-Foil low-ESR storage capacitors, all globally-sourced to ensure musically accurate operation under even the most demanding conditions. XRL connectors provide balanced outputs, long recognized for their superior noise-rejecting characteristics, while high quality RCA connectors provide an easy pathway to the myriad of components with single-ended inputs. This is all part of Rotel’s long-proven Balanced Design Concept. It’s yet another way of assuring you that the RCD-1570 evidences a level of attention that will make it part of your reference-level music system for years to come.



Need to Knows

Paradigm Integration is a privately held corporation established in 1990.

We are a California state licensed Contractor carrying a C-7, C-10 and a Do4 license. We also carry an ACO license. For your protection We maintain a 5 million dollar Liability policy.

Ca state contractor's license # 636358
Alarm company operator license # 3586

Documentation available upon request.

About Paradigm Integration

About Paradigm Integration

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