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We are proud to inform you that Dynaudio has received the prestigious EISA Award for the Xeo models. EISA has officially proclaimed Xeo as the Best Product for 2012-2013 in the WIRELESS HI-FI category.


The Dynaudio Xeo Family of HIGH END Wireless Speakers!

EISA, the European Imaging and Sound Association, chose Xeo as the best wireless Hi-Fi product. The EISA Award is selected by 16 European Hi-Fi and AV magazines from 14 countries and will also be promoted by the association. Xeo stands for Wireless High End and the EISA jury emphasized this claim in their official statement:

“Hi-fi without cables? If this is your domestic dream then Dynaudio has the solution with its Xeo wireless audio system. If Wi-Fi is traditionally associated with lo-fi then Xeo looks to set a higher standard with its bespoke transmitter capable of streaming music, up to 16-bit/48kHz resolution, to its Xeo 3 standmount and Xeo 5 floorstanding loudspeakers. Both speakers include two 50W amplifiers for their bass and treble drivers while the partnering Xeo transmitter features analogue, USB and Toslink optical digital inputs for compatibility with a wide range of hi-fi sources. Not only does Xeo support multiple sources but it will also stream out to three independent speaker zones, spreading its lively and dynamic sound quality throughout your home. Dynaudio is the first and so far the only one who offers real high end quality in a wireless product.”


Dynaudio Contour S1.4s !

These Dynaudio Contour S-1.4's in Cherry were just delivered to a very good client in San Francisco to accompany her new Krell electronics!

These Dynaudio Contour S-1.4’s in Cherry were just delivered to a very good client in San Francisco to accompany her new Krell electronics!

Dynaudio celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2002 with the release of one the finest compact loudspeakers on the market, the Special Twenty-Five. The first “Limited” edition, with its special burled birch veneer and a solid aluminum back plate signed by Dynaudio’s co-founder and CEO Wilfried Ehrenholz, sold out quickly.

In response to repeated requests from the market, Dynaudio decided to re-issue the Special Twenty-Five for a limited period of time. This latest edition is similar to the very first, but in celebration of Dynaudio North America’s 15-Year Anniversary, the North American market re-issue of the original anniversary model will be a limited run of 75 pairs finished inan exclusive Bordeaux stained, gloss over bird’s eye maple veneer featuring a
signed solid aluminum back plate and a 15 year warranty.

Dynaudio Special Twenty-Five

Dynaudio Special Twenty-Five

Special Twenty-Five Product Highlights

Equipped with the most advanced Dynaudio driver technology like the first edition, the Special Twenty-Five is equipped with the finest Dynaudio driver technology: The legendary Esotar² tweeter with neodymium magnet and vented rear chamber, mated to a 20 cm (8 inch) woofer. This driver is a technical descendant to the driver in Dynaudio’s unparalleled flagship Evidence Master model. Equally advanced is the 1st order crossover, using select components on a glass fibre enforced PCB.

High-quality ceramic resistors are mechanically and thermally stabilized by the cabinet’s aluminum back plate. With all this technology, the Special Twenty-Five performance delivers the substantial sonic impact of a floor standing loudspeaker with the homogenous balance and precise imaging characteristic of a fine two-way compact speaker. With an excellent sensitivity of 88 dB and a linear impedance,the Special Twenty-Five offers an ideal match for a very wide range of high-quality amplifiers.

The finest in technology.

The finest in technology.

Exclusive Bordeaux finish
The exclusive Special Twenty-Five re-issue for North America will feature a limited Bordeaux finished (gloss lacquer over bird’s eye maple veneer) cabinet, master crafted by hand in the Dynaudio cabinetry facility in Denmark. The classic yet advanced cabinet construction is comprised of multi-layered low resonance MDF/LDF wood panels with an overall thickness of 30 mm, additionally braced in specific areas.

The rear of the cabinet is equipped with a solid aluminum back plate, carrying the name of the loudspeaker and the signature of Dynaudio co-founder and CEO Wilfried Ehrenholz commemorating the 25th anniversary of Dynaudio marking the year when this venerable model was first introduced as well as the 15th anniversary of Dynaudio North America which this re-issue honors.

And a specacular cabinet and finish.

And a specacular cabinet and finish.

The final re-issue — available for a limited time only

Because of the extensive time and effort to produce a Special Twenty-Five, along with the limited availability of only 75 pair produced in the exclusive Bordeaux finish, the 2010 re-issue of this model will only be available for a short period of time. With this re-issue, Dynaudio enthusiasts will have one last chance to acquire one of the market’s most revered high-end compact loudspeakers in its original anniversary version.

The Special Twenty Five will begin shipping in September and is priced at $5,750 per pair.

Yes, you read it correctly. Dynaudio is preparing to reissue the very popular 25th Anniversary loudspeaker.

The Dynaudio Special 25 $5,800 / pair

The Dynaudio Special 25 $5,800 / pair

With the advanced technology woofer designs developed for the Evidence models, and the innovative Esotar² tweeter technology first developed for the Confidence range.
The Twenty-Five was a tremendous success and has established itself as a classic audiophile loudspeaker.

Dynaudio has officially confirmed that there will indeed be a one-time production run of the Special-Twenty Five.
Scheduled for this summer, the reissued Special Twenty-Five will only be available in the original Maser Birch (burled birch) finish of the anniversary issue, and will be the same hand-built speaker crafted in matched,  numbered pairs, with a standard five year warranty. The number produced will be extremely limited

Look at the great comments on the little Dynaudio entry level bookshelf speaker given by British

magazine What Hi-Fi?

The Dynaudio D2|6 $800.00/pair

The Dynaudio D2|6 $800.00/pair

Take a look inside the Dynaudio DM2|6

Take a look inside the Dynaudio DM2|6


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