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We have almost completed our work here.  The system looks and sounds remarkable!  It is hooked up and working like a dream.  One button operation as promised!  The TV as you will see looks great in the alcove built for it. Very tight tolerances, a quarter inch in the sides and 1.5 inches at the top and bottom.The B&W Sig8 NT’s perform as billed.  An audiophile listening experience built into the wall! And the sub may be one of the best sub’s in a system we have heard. Seamless bass with no point of origin. The sound will only get better over the next few weeks as things break in.

All of the electronics are hidden away in a remote location.  Rotel RSP-1570 and the Rotel RMB -1565 to power the system. A Marantz Blu Ray for stunning picture quality.  Furman AC-215 at the LCD Flat Panel TV and an Elite 15 at the component location to protect and condition the AC power.  And to insure the BEST in digital music recreation a LINN Majik DS, Digital Streaming Player.

Once the new cabinets are installed and the system has broken in a bit we will go back for one final visit to re-calibrate the sonic performance and do a final calibration on the LCD Flat Panel TV. Until then we can share these photos.

LCD TV from Samgung, 3D-HDTV, B&W Sig8 NT's for right, left and center speakers. The IWS4 in wall sub is to the right behind the paper wall hanging

LCD TV from Samgung, 3D-HDTV, B&W Sig8 NT’s for right, left and center speakers. The IWS4 in wall sub is to the right behind the paper wall hanging.

The B&W CWM-684 rears nearly disappeared once the grills were painted.

The B&W CWM-684 rears nearly disappeared once the grills were painted.

The TV floating in it's alcove.

All the electronics wired and living in their closet.

All the electronics wired and living in their closet.

Affordability with no compromises: Linn's Majik DS-i

 Linn’s Majik DS-i

A true specialist system yet deceptively compact, Linn’s best value DS player to date combines all the highest quality Linn-engineered components to ensure no-compromise system performance. The new Majik DS-i includes a Linn DS player, high performance pre-amplifier, Chakra power amplification and Linn’s latest Dynamik power supply.

The heart of your home entertainment system, Majik DS-I also has multiple digital and analog input connections so you can enjoy improved audio from your TV, gaming, movie players and much more. It will even connect to your turntable to bring those old vinyl records back into your 21st Century lifestyle.

Sound Cinema Integration is your Bay Area authorized Linn dealer, selling the Majik DS-i and other Linn classics and designing systems that make Linn technology work for you.

As we get closer to the end of this remodel we have installed the small but mighty LINN Classik-Music.  It is hidden out of the way in a beautiful cabinet under the breakfast bar. The LINN paired with the B&W Signature 7 NT in-wall speakers sounds magnificent in this kitchen!

The LINN  Classik Musik

The LINN Classik Musik

NEW Linn DS Series for superb sound quality from your computer

With high quality music downloads now readily available and the widespread use of portable mp3 players, more people than ever before are interacting with music on their computer. Sadly, all that convenience comes at the expense of sound quality.

Linn DS lets you release this music from your computer to enjoy genuine audiophile performance from stored CDs and music downloads. Linn DS players are the only authentic hi-fi products to access stored digital music and stream it over a home network.

Offering 5 models, Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS, Sneaky DS and the Multi Room DS all with  performance that surpasses any CD player and with the convenience of having your entire digital music collection at your fingertips, organized your way. You’ll never go back.

San Francisco Kitchen Pre-Wire

San Francisco Kitchen Pre-Wire

This week brings the start of a new project. This is a kitchen remodel in San Francisco. The new kitchen design comes from the San Francisco based architectural firm of Dirk Stennick Design. Dirk is well established in the Bay Area and a joy to work with.  The General Contractor is the great firm of Alward Construction.  They have a rich history as one of the finest builders in the San Francisco Bay Area and we have enjoyed their organized and professional approach to this job.

We are adding to this project by wiring for a stand alone music system. We ran MIT CL-3 rated in wall 14 gauge wire from the upper cabinet area to the electronic location on the other side of the room.
Ultimately the LINN Classic Musik am/fm/cd player will be housed in the cabinets on one side and the B&W CM-5 bookshelf speakers will be hidden in the custom cabinets above the stove and fridge. Not pretty yet, but we will keep you posted.

Well, a new day brings a great new idea to improve this project!

We have decided to move away from the original idea of hiding bookshelf speakers in the cabinet enclosures above the fridge and stove and go with the ultra high performance B&W Signature 7 NT in-wall speakers!  They will live above the cabinets in the soffit.

The in-wall, 2 way speaker offers much the cutting edge technology found in the rest of the B&W loudspeaker line.  It is a bi-wirable. 7″ Kevlar(R) bass, 1″ metal dome tweeter featuring Nautilus technology.

hese will sound great, once painted will appear nearly invisible and take up none of the valuable cabinet storage real estate!

sd-sf-B&W Signature 7 in wall location-Left-Cabinet



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About Paradigm Integration

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