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One of our favorite East Bay clients requested a small addition to his beautiful Danville, CA home. Previously we installed a great home theater with Panasonic Professional video, Rotel, Marantz and Furman electronics, Bowers & Wilkins speakers and Crestron Automation.

Another great sounding Theater in Danville!

This time around it was a simple TV with stereo sound. We used Pioneer Elite, Paradigm speakers and a Samsung Flat panel.  Again, Crestron for one button operation!  To follow are before and after shots.





This new product from Paradigm is getting GREAT press and is truly a great value!  Easy to install and great sounding!


The Paradigm “SHIFT Series” has gotten more GREAT press!!


Use one or daisy chain them…hook it up to…whatever! What a cool and versatile speaker!

After receiving a raving review from Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound not only included the Paradigm A2 powered speaker review in its “Guide to High-Performance Loudspeakers 2013”, they also named it a 2012 Golden Ear recipient and a 2013 “Editors’ Choice Award” winner!

Review Summary

“The Paradigm Shift A2 represents a very high order of value and performance – incredibly versatile for small-room, family-on-the-go, and impromptu listening anywhere there’s an outlet. Frankly only a dog is more companionable than the A2.”


Further Thoughts

“Although I finished the review of the nifty [Paradigm] Shift A2 some months ago, I’ve had a chance to revisit it thanks to a relative who bought a pair based in part on my review. This family is heavy into computers and loves wireless-their home is fully networked. The missing variable was a satisfying, go-anywhere, small speaker. Enter the Shift A2- powered, versatile, reasonably priced, and easy to setup. And cool-looking, too. With an Airport Express plugged into each speaker the Shift A2 fills a high ceilinged living room with streaming music. Each time I visit I especially appreciate the solid low-end oomph and rich vocal midrange.”


Check out the excerpts from reviewers all over the world!

Secrets of Home Theater and Hi-Fidelity
Paradigm has achieved their goal of designing the best subwoofer available on the market.

Home Theater
I’ve never heard a sub that approaches the performance of the Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 2.

Everything Audio Network
The verdict
No question about it this is the best subwoofer I have ever heard, nothing even comes close.


The Paradigm Sub 2 ……This 6 sided, 6 driver, 230lb, 4500W RMS (240V),
goes low, plays loud and offers up very low distortion !!


The Paradigm Reference Signature Sub 2 is a tremendously ambitious effort that redefines what should be expected of a powered subwoofer. I haven’t experienced another subwoofer that I think is as capable…..

Home Theater
The amount of what seemed like clean SPL coming out of this thing was downright frightening at times.
The most incredible single subwoofer system I’ve had the pleasure to listen to.

Home Theater Forum
The SUB 2 is “…the best commercial subwoofer I’ve ever encountered

Paradigm is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a limited edition speaker, called the Tribute.

The Tribute has a new cabinet, built in-house, a beryllium tweeter from the Signature range, a new mounting system for the drivers, corrugated drivers surrounds, and a chrome-plated stainless steel plinth. It is reported, the sound of these speakers driven by a pair Anthem M1 amps, was powerful, dynamic, and effortless, they sounded so good one dealer stood up and pronounced the Tribute “the best $6000 speakers ever made”, saying you would have to spend more than $10,000 to do any better from another manufacturer. High praise indeed. The Tribute put out so much bass most looked for the Subwoofer that had be working and were astonished when assured none was present.


TRIBUTE!! $6,000.00 per pair


Need to Knows

Paradigm Integration is a privately held corporation established in 1990.

We are a California state licensed Contractor carrying a C-7, C-10 and a Do4 license. We also carry an ACO license. For your protection We maintain a 5 million dollar Liability policy.

Ca state contractor's license # 636358
Alarm company operator license # 3586

Documentation available upon request.

About Paradigm Integration

About Paradigm Integration

Paradigm is a true full service Home Electronics Integrator.

We are a licensed and bonded California Contractor putting a strong emphasis on client service.

Our long list of services and vast experience teamed with a dedication to strong personal service makes us a GREAT one-stop-shop for your home electronic needs.

From your Central Vacuum system to your High End Distributed Audio we are your experts!

We offer our services to both residential and commercial clients.

So next time you need Security / Surveillance / Monitoring, Home Theater, Distributed Audio / Video, Lighting Control, Complete Home Automation, Central Vacuum or Wiring Infrastructure think Paradigm. Evolving your Electronic Environment.