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We are excited to announce the release of the Krell Automatic Room Equalization System (ARES) for the Evolution 707 surround preamp/processor. Developed entirely in house by the Krell Engineering team, the new firmware optimizes the performance of the Evolution 707 in any listening environment. For true high performance, a generic off the shelf solution is never an option at Krell. They designed and built the Evolution 707 processor’s hardware and software to perform at the highest level and now with ARES,they have developed a specific tool to realize the Evolution 707 processor’s full potential in any listening environment.

The Krell 707 $30,000.00

The Krell 707 $30,000.00

Krell 707 Interior

Krell 707 Interior

ARES Highlights

Simple but not simplistic, ARES does not require a computer but  uses on screen prompts to guide the user through the automatic setup and equalization process.  ARES analyzes the speakers’ capability, position, phase and distance relationships to determine ideal crossover points, delay, and volume settings. Listening room surfaces, speaker positioning and construction play a pivotal role in the overall sound quality of a system. ARES measures these effects against the inherent performance of the system’s speakers and corrects for irregular surfaces, problematic speaker locations, and unusual floor plans. A 32 bit dual core DSP running at 1.8 giga operations per second computes equalizer filter coefficients and applies individual curves to each of the 8.4 output channels.  A trio of user system memories provides greater flexibility and personalization than other systems on the market.  Instead of an averaged result from various listening positions, three individual listening positions may be measured and optimized rather than compromised by an averaging-style system. Alternatively, system memories may be used for different speaker configurations so that one memory can be optimized for two channel listening with full range front speakers, a second memory for movie playback with a crossover and subwoofers engaged, and a third for casual, full range, all-speaker music listening. After each system memory corrects for room anomalies, an optional music or movie curve can be added to the corrected response for an enhanced listening experience.
The ARES operational range can also be limited to low frequency correction where a majority of sonic irregularities occur. Settings for operation below 63 Hz, 80 Hz, 125 Hz, and 250Hz provide correction in the most troublesome low frequency range while leaving, unaltered, the upper frequency range that helps define a individual speaker’s sonic characteristics.
Krell designed and built the Evolution 707 processor’s hardware and software to operate at the highest level and now with ARES, we have developed a specific tool to help guarantee that performance is realized in our customers’ homes.
The ARES upgrade is free of charge to the hundreds of existing Evolution 707 owners and will be included in new units shipping from the Krell factory. All Evolution 707 processors have shipped with an ultra-linear condenser microphone for use with the anticipated ARES firmware. NOTE: Older Evolution 707 surround processors may require hardware updates prior to receiving the ARES firmware update. Please contact SCI with serial numbers of the units needing upgrade before attempting a firmware upload.


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Paradigm Integration is a privately held corporation established in 1990.

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About Paradigm Integration

About Paradigm Integration

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