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What do the Internet, the housing boom/bust and TV shows have in common? DIY’ers.

Over the last 15 years this trifecta has created an explosion in the do-it-yourself market. The Internet provides easy access to information, while the housing boom generated home equity that the home improvement stores aggressively fight over. TV shows — even entire networks like DIY Channel — fuel the fire further with all sorts of inspirational content and “instructions” on how to do it.

With all that information, homeowners are feeling more empowered than ever and are willing to roll up their sleeves to dive into projects that used to be left to the professionals. That’s great until they hit the inevitable “speed bump”.

What those ambitious homeowners don’t always realize when they start one of those projects…it’s usually a lot harder than it looks. Like that bathroom remodel that looked pretty easy on the DIY show- until you start ripping up laminate and find that the subfloor needs replacing, there’s water damage around the toilet and the plumbing needs to fixed, and the shower pan can’t be leveled with the new floor and requires the drain to be re-installed. Suddenly it’s obvious that the sixty minute “How to Tile” class they took at the home improvement store last weekend didn’t quite prepare them for all the hidden surprises they found.

So with DIY-friendly products like Sonos and universal TV mounts readily available at any retail or online store and dozens of YouTube How-To videos out there, we get hit with all sorts of new questions. Here are a few popular questions we get and some food for thought about them.

“Your labor rates seem really high”
Labor isn’t ever really free, and a DIY’er tends to figure that out pretty quickly once an afternoon project turns into several weekends lost. Hiring a professional means clients know it’s getting done right the first time; and the money they may save now with a DIY job could end up costing in the long run. Our clients aren’t just paying for the hours spent on the job-site – they’re paying for the years of experience, training, and expertise we bring to the table. And a full warranty on the work done.

“This job doesn’t seem very complex. I can probably knock it out on my own”
Just like that bathroom remodel, what starts out or seems like a simple job can turn into anything but. More often than not, customer don’t realize the expensive specialty tools they will end up needing to buy for fishing wire though a wall, or those extra-long drill bits (that will most like never get used again). And did you consider additional electric outlets, or sheet-rock needs? Our experience and trade relationships insure a smooth job, start to finish. Leaving the home un-scarred and working smoothly.

“I’m pretty tech-savvy. I know what I’m doing.”
Sure- most clients know a thing or two about home electronics or conttruction. But what about the convenience a professionally-installed system can offer, like programming a one-button remote to control everything (no more panicked calls from the kids about the TV not turning on), or peace of mind knowing if a lightning storm knocks out their system, they don’t have to spend their Thanksgiving or Super Bowl party crawling around the attic trying to fix the problem.

Let’s face it- you aren’t only getting peace of mind knowing the job is professionally designed and installed, you’re probably saving a weekend or two of frustrating “What did I get myself into” moments! Time that could be happily spent with your friends and family enjoying a movie or listening to great sound while relaxing at a BBQ in your own back yard!


Need to Knows

Paradigm Integration is a privately held corporation established in 1990.

We are a California state licensed Contractor carrying a C-7, C-10 and a Do4 license. We also carry an ACO license. For your protection We maintain a 5 million dollar Liability policy.

Ca state contractor's license # 636358
Alarm company operator license # 3586

Documentation available upon request.

About Paradigm Integration

About Paradigm Integration

Paradigm is a true full service Home Electronics Integrator.

We are a licensed and bonded California Contractor putting a strong emphasis on client service.

Our long list of services and vast experience teamed with a dedication to strong personal service makes us a GREAT one-stop-shop for your home electronic needs.

From your Central Vacuum system to your High End Distributed Audio we are your experts!

We offer our services to both residential and commercial clients.

So next time you need Security / Surveillance / Monitoring, Home Theater, Distributed Audio / Video, Lighting Control, Complete Home Automation, Central Vacuum or Wiring Infrastructure think Paradigm. Evolving your Electronic Environment.